Pre-Construction approach

KMN Builders Inc. provides preconstruction services for your project either as a sole assignment or in part of an existing comprehensive construction management contract.

Regardless of our position in the project, thorough preconstruction planning is a necessary element to a successful project which can result in significant savings in cost and time. In collaboration with the owner, owner’s representative, architect, engineer, code consultant, and any other advisors to the project, our team here at KMN will spearhead the reviewing and planning of your construction project. As well as, provide expert consulting in conceptual and design development, budget estimating, value engineering, constructability reviews, preliminary scheduling, site logistics, and project approach.

Value engineering analysis provides the owner and design teams involved insight on how to produce optimal quality at minimal cost. Our recommendations for time and cost-saving alternatives follow our reviews of constructability, availability of materials, long lead items, and logistics. We will compare preliminary design specifications with potential alternatives from functional, cost, and schedule perspectives. Our early involvement and consulting will aid to ensure a complete design prior to the procurement of materials and trades and thus minimize costly changes as your project progresses.

Project Scheduling identifies the necessary tasks to perform the project and their sequence, estimated duration, and timing. In collaboration with the owner, design team, and key trade contractors, we gather as much information as possible – including time requirements of Owner’s own separate vendors – and develop a computer-generated Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule on every project early in its planning stage. With that, we present and communicate all preliminary, comparative, and final CPM schedules using a Gantt Chart to our client to ensure transparency throughout the duration of the project.


The KMN Builders Inc team also has special expertise in green building construction. Our LEED-certified professionals help clients to understand the broad spectrum of green building products and materials available, allowing every client access to the latest innovations in green technology.