New Developments

KMN Realty + Development

We anticipate risk.


The KMN Builders team takes lead in organizing the project, identifying issues before they become costly changes and schedule delays. Our affiliate company KMN Realty + Development is a full-service integrated real estate development firm specializing in multi-family, industrial, affordable housing, and commercial developments. KMN Realty + Development acquires, designs, and develops its own real estate projects. We understand that with such a large investment like building projects, there are inevitable complexities, and road blocks that may arise. We remain proactive in our efforts to guarantee a balance between key aesthetic issues and the most critical financial and scheduling parameters. With our expertise, we also provide consulting to our clients with their own development(s). Our team has the necessary skill set to ensure our developments are being built on time, and on budget.

Additionally, providing access to capital. KMN specializes in distressed assets, whether its acting owner or managers. KMN Realty works closely to improve operations, create capital improvement strategies, correct deferred maintenance, and removes existing violations. KMN Realty also rehabilitates properties, restructures building debt, pursues appropriate rent adjustments, and is constantly striving to improve the buildings images and habitability. These strategies have resulted in improved occupant relations as well as improved cash flows from rent or sales.