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Design & Build

Design & Build Approach

We keep every project moving forward with a deep understanding of our client needs. Our turn key expertise includes full design scope & project management. We have established a trustworthy relationship with professional partners which allow us to serve our clients successfully. Our multicultural team achieves the highest level of projects from concept to completion with precision, professionalism, attention to details, exceptional customer service and expert project management skills. KMN Builders, Inc. is consistently recognized for its business expertise and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and aesthetic needs. Design & Build, whilst not the most used construction route in the U.S., has many advantages over other project delivery methods. The main client advantage of the Design &Build approach is that it puts the full risk of the entire process on the Design & Build entity.


KMN will work to fully understand your intentions and expectations, and will then form the project team in house. We have built a network of experienced partners in all aspects of the industry (architects, engineers, consultants, construction specialists, etc.) and will quickly deploy the necessary members to ensure the best team possible. KMN will hold direct contracts with each member of the project team, as well as the individual sub-contractors and vendors involved. This means that KMN becomes your “one stop shop” for everything project related making us the only entity you, as the client, has to deal with. One of the biggest benefits to taking the design & build approach is that you can expedite the project by stacking and releasing certain design packages, whilst the full design is still being completed. This also helps absorb any long lead items so that they don’t delay or negatively impact the overall construction schedule.


Honesty, integrity and pride are the cornerstones of our business. We believe in having immensely transparent relationships with our clients. We aim to work alongside our clients with every step. When you choose KMN Builders Inc. you make the conscious decision to work alongside an experienced builder who will treat your business as their own.


At KMN Builders Inc. we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients. We want to work with you, to help build out your vision. Our trademark collaborative approach is tailored to our clients’ needs and wants, whether they want to be fully involved in the development of their projects or simply trust that they have placed their trust in the right hands.